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Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

Did you invest thousands on the development of your website? Do you want to bring in more visitors, but don’t want the additional expense? You’re not alone. The good news is that you don’t have to pay to increase traffic. Building organic traffic takes a great deal of time and effort. All you need is consistency and proper optimization.

What is organic traffic?

 Visitors are considered organic when they find your website after using a search engine. These are visitors who aren’t referred by another website or acquired through paid advertising. They simply search for something on a search engine, and find your website. Organic traffic is valuable because they’re more likely to convert into customers.

Here are five tips we recommend to increase organic traffic

1. Keywords Research

Keywords research is an important process for search engine optimization. It helps you identify the exact phrases people use to search for your services or products. New and existing websites benefit from keywords research. Most importantly, don’t obsess with the most popular keywords. Sometimes, the long tail keywords can be just as valuable, and easier to rank higher.

Want to find to find the best keywords for SEO? Get a 7-day trial of SEMRush. This software is packed with online marketing tools.

2. Optimize your website for search engines

Once you’ve established your list of keywords, it’s time to optimize your website. In other words, search engine optimize your content using the keywords. Moreover, write content that is easy to read by visitors and search engines.

Strategically place your keywords on your homepage, header, tags, meta-description, image title and alt, and in the URL of each page. Add the most important keywords to the first paragraph of each page, and avoid keyword stuffing.

3. Create quality content for your website

Google wants to deliver the best and most relevant results. Therefore, your website needs quality content to rank on search engines. Write thoughtful, relevant, and informative content.

Regularly updated websites also rank well. I recommend adding a blog to your website. Publish a new blog post on a regular basis. Make sure every post offers valuable information relevant to your market. Moreover, don’t forget to optimize your posts.

4. Internal linking and backlinking

 Internal linking to relevant posts or a sales page within your website. This encourages visitors to interact and engage more with the website. As a result, visitors are more likely to convert to customers.

Backlinking is just as important as it helps direct traffic to your website. I don’t recommend asking visitors to link back, but add a widget with share buttons to your posts and pages. Sharing links will increase the chances of getting more backlinks.

5. Monitor your progress

Lastly, monitor your marketing efforts progress. SEO marketing does take lots of time and effort, but it’s worth it. Organic traffic acquisition and SEO is a never ending process.

Continue to monitor your traffic to identify strategies that worked and didn’t work. No matter how well your website is doing, don’t neglect or ignore your website’s SEO. Make sure to also monitor your backlinks. You will need to identify good and bad backlinks.

To sum up, increasing organic traffic through SEO is an ongoing process. As a result, you will be greatly rewarded by search engines. If you still don’t feel confident about doing it alone, request a FREE SEO consultation.

Do I need a website for my business?

Do I need a website for my business?

Saying no to a website is like saying no to traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! The majority of Californians use search engines to find products and services. Many business owners believe that simply having their location listed on Google is enough. The listing with contact information doesn’t say anything about your products and services. If you have a website, then consumers know where to go to learn more about the business.

how do search engines find my website?

Search engines use web crawlers to browse the Internet with the purpose of web indexing. If you don’t have a website, then the web crawler has nothing to browse. In the mean time, a web crawler is browsing your competitor’s website allowing search engines to include it in their real-time search results.

You simply don’t stand a chance against competitors with websites. A search engine optimized (SEO) website is the best way to maximize search marketing. Search engine optimization involves adding and editing content that will increase the relevance to specific keywords. It also removes barriers to the indexing of search engines.

Unpaid, organic search results are achievable for almost all websites. But great organic results requires a long term investment in web development, optimization, and content marketing.

mobile-ready website

More users are accessing the web from their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have a website that is responsive and adjusts to fit on cellphone or tablet devices.

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Therefore, a modern website platform is important for your users and SEO efforts. Stay ahead of the curve, and get a website that is mobile-ready!

you need more than social media

Many business owners think that social media alone is enough to market their business. However, most social media users have a different intent than search engine users. On social media, users are typically focused on maintaining communication with friends and family, sharing stories, or sharing silly cat photos. Social media networks are typically not used to find businesses, products, or services.

On the other hand, search engine users are finding you because you’re relevant to their search. In other words, they’re looking for products or services like yours! Now, we aren’t saying quit social media, but we want you to grab the attention of consumers across multiple platforms. Capitalize on all types of consumer behavior from buying, to browsing, to researching.

Linking between these marketing channels will only strengthen your online presence. With multiple platforms at work, you can analyze even more metrics and site data, allowing you to better segment and target your audiences.


Working with an expert web developer is the fastest way to get results. If your business needs a digital revamp, then consider hiring a web development agency like Cali Image. We will build your website with your marketing strategy in mind.

If you would like to know more about web development, contact one of our digital specialists in California.